3 Easy Steps


Radio Locator provides you with an easy way to find radio stations around you. You can automatically grab your location if your device supports it, or you can just as easily search for a nearby US city or town and use that as your location. Once you do that, you've got yourself a list of all near-by stations, along with genre, dial and stream information!


We have over 2,000 streams in our database currently, so the chance of your favorite radio station being here is very likely! Once you begin listening to a stream, now-playing information is automatically downloaded (if available) and artist and song information is displayed. Once information is found you can download the song from the iTunes store or watch it on YouTube!


Radio Locator gives you the tools to find whatever you want, wherever you are. Filter search results by genre, by stream availability, or by FM/AM. Save and Re-arrange favorites, and if you can't find the stream you want: add a custom one!

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